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Flaired Users Only Rights are the logical moral conclusions of the image of God in man. No God, no ideological defense of rights.

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You need to let go of Ben


I get that the topics covered during his tenure resulted in content that made you happy. that’s great, and if you still need those episodes to fall asleep or whatever, go right ahead.

The thing is, clinging onto Ben is like being sad that one of the criminals covered on last podcast wasn’t there speak up for himself.

If your favorite part of the show is little glimmers of sympathy for sociopaths, abusers, rapists, and wife beaters, then by all means, go seek Ben out and worship him. the rest of us just want to wash our hands of him and be left alone.

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Discussion Why do all pickme's hate Taylor Swift?


As the question insicates, why? How did Taylor start representing girly girls. I get going against stereotypes and being pick me's like telling others they aren't like other girls or i dont need makeup cause I'm different are all based on stereotypes related to women but how did Taylor become a category?

Edit: Im neither her fan nor her hater. Love a few songs but doesnt know much about her. Saw many replies stating most pick me's are her fans. The question arised in my mind when i saw several Instagram comments of men hating on Taylor saying she is less popular than her current football player boyfriend and lots of girls were trying so hard to bash her down saying they are right she just sings about her exes she's this she's that and they would rather listen bold metallica like the guys and not romantic songs or songs about breakups like the silly girls. You can like or dislike her that doesn't make you a NLOG but just bashing her as she is wildly disliked by men just doesn't feel right

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Discussion 15 reasons I don’t want an epidural


I was judged so much during my first pregnancy when people found out I wasn’t interested in an epidural. The scoffs, laughs and eye rolls were abundant. I was never the one to bring up the conversation because of the reactions I was used to but if it ever came up I would answer “oh I don’t want an epidural”. It felt as if I was the one pushing judgment which is not the case! Everyone else was judging me more for not wanting one! I was told so many times “you don’t win a prize for doing it without drugs”. Yea I know, that’s not why I want to but please, be more insecure. I also didn’t say you were bad for getting one. I said that I, me, personally do not want one. For. My. Own. Reasons. So don’t judge me for that. Because I don’t judge you for getting one. I’m a scientist. I believe in modern medicine. But I also believe in my body and it’s ability to birth. I did not want an epidural for a few personal reasons. So below is my list of reasons why I PERSONALLY did not want an epidural. I’ve had two kids and I plan to have a few more and I’m still not interested in an epidural. I chose other pain management that worked wonders for me (tens unit is the holy grail).

  1. ⁠I didn’t want a catheter. Friend has horror story. I think I’m more afraid of the catheter than child birth.
  2. ⁠Many friends told me their continued problems due to epidural- back pain ,migraines , other side effects. These can be rare cases but it seems to be more common than reported. I know way too many people who got bad epidurals. I hear the wonderful stories and I’m like that’s who you want to get one from!
  3. ⁠I wanted to move around during labor and not lay on my back. I’m all over the place in labor. Toilet, tub, floor, dancing, laying , lunging. I need to feel my legs.
  4. ⁠I wanted to squat my baby out (I did). Second baby I had on my knees while resting on the headboard. Both times I was not laying on my back.
  5. ⁠Our tail bones are literally designed to move and open more during labor but if you lay on your back you inhibit that (you can lay sideways with epidural to prevent this -peanut ball or side lying support are great options to open pelvis. Knees in feet out )
  6. ⁠I broke my tailbone years ago, I wasn’t positive where it healed and I was afraid of it breaking again during childbirth (totes possible if it was in baby’s way he woulda moved it to get out). So again, I wanted freedom to change positions if this is the case
  7. ⁠I just wanted as few interventions as possible. I didn’t even want to get an iv. Just leave me alone and let me have a baby please.
  8. ⁠I heard it makes recovery easier-both my recoveries were quick and mild.
  9. ⁠I’m a scientist and so I know that what we don’t know about childbirth is extremely vast. I love and trust the biological process in its natural glory. We were literally designed to do this so I wanted it as natural as possible so that my body would provide me with everything I needed. I truly think that because I felt everything and went through such an event that my body flooded me with exactly what I needed during recovery. Right after birth I stood up and went to the bathroom by myself. My nurse was like “ok wow let’s go”. Then the high I felt after birth was indescribable. I told my husband “of all the drugs I’ve done, I’ve never felt like this before”. My recovery was great.
  10. ⁠My mom had 4 kids, 3 with no epidural ,1 epidural. She said she hated that birth and recovery with her epidural.
  11. ⁠I’m a control freak(if you haven’t figured that by now) so I definitely needed to feel in control and I didn’t want to be out of it in any way during labor. Including not having control over my lower half
  12. ⁠I wanted to know what it was like. I was told I have a high pain tolerance. Let’s see if that’s true
  13. ⁠I’m a petty bitch. Whenever I told people I didn’t want an epidural the “oh you just wait “ comments flooded. I wasn’t shaming people or trying to brag. People brought it up to me and I would say “oh I don’t want to get one” and then they would proceed to tell me I would change my mind. So I did it to be like “yea told ya so” to all the people in my life who said I couldn’t. 14.My babies have both been so alert after birth. I always got comments about how intrigued and aware my babies seemed. I can’t say that’s because I didn’t get an epidural but I know they had nothing extra in their system. And they both latched and nursed great. 15.Sometimes they don’t even work. So I decided I didn’t want one.

I 1000% support people getting epidurals. It just wasn’t something I wanted. Do you have any personal reasons for not wanting a certain intervention during pregnancy/birth?

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Ryan Cohens father passed December 13 2019. What better way to honour his father than the deal coming to fruition.

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The Cold Email Strategy That Turned Me into a Millionaire


Every week, I see posts flooding in, asking for that golden ticket to success. If I had a dollar for each, well, I wouldn't be here writing this. But here's a twist to my millionaire journey - it's not about real estate or stocks; it's about mastering the art of cold emailing.

For 14 relentless years, I committed to my 9-5 job, barely missing a day (except for a few critical hours when my son was born and a day lost to swine flu). But the real game-changer? I dove into the world of cold emailing.

I spent every spare moment researching industries ripe for opportunity and realized the power of quality leads. I invested in tools like ZoomInfo to get high-quality email addresses, ensuring I wasn't shooting arrows in the dark.

Then, I crafted emails. Not just any emails, but ones that reson't be ignored. I reached out to top players in various industries, offering them undeniable value in exchange for knowledge and potential partnerships.

I didn't just stop at sending emails; I followed up, nurtured relationships, and slowly, opportunities started rolling in. I brokered deals, partnered with savvy business people, and started seeing substantial returns from these connections.

One of my key strategies was to partner with service industry contractors - think HVAC, roofing, etc. I realized many were excellent at their craft but struggled with the business side. So, I offered my business acumen, in exchange for a stake in their companies.

As years passed, my network expanded, and so did my bank account. I built a diverse portfolio, not just in real estate but in several businesses, all thanks to the connections made through cold emailing.

By the age of 38, my net worth soared over $4 million, with monthly cash flows hitting the roof. But here's the kicker - in chasing this dream, I missed out on invaluable time with family and friends. Money's great, but it doesn't replace the moments lost.

So, here's my advice: dive deep into whatever you're passionate about - be it cold emailing or something else. But remember, life isn't just about the hustle. Cherish the people around you and the moments you share. That's the real wealth.

P.S some examples of what I did:

Email Strategy Example:

Initial Email: "When I started cold emailing, I focused on crafting messages that were hard to ignore. For instance, one of my successful emails started with, 'Exploring Synergies in [Industry] - A Mutual Growth Opportunity.' In the body, I briefly introduced myself and directly mentioned how my skills in [specific skill or area of expertise] could potentially align with their current projects, particularly [mention a specific project or area of their business]."

Follow-Up Strategy:

Follow-Up Example: "My follow-ups were key. About a week after the initial email, I’d send a reminder, adding a bit more detail about how I envisioned our potential collaboration. For example, 'I recently came across [a recent development in their industry], and it made me think more about how [specific idea or strategy] could be beneficial for us both.'”

Clear Examples of 'Undeniable Value' and 'Business Acumen':

Value Offered: "For the service industry contractors, my value proposition was straightforward: I offered to streamline their operations by implementing efficient business practices and introducing modern marketing strategies, which many of them lacked. In return, I negotiated a minor stake or partnership in their business."

Expanding on the Nature of Connections Made:

Business Partnerships Formed: "Through these emails, I formed partnerships that went beyond mere email exchanges. For example, with a local HVAC company, my role evolved into an advisory position where I guided them through a digital transformation, modernizing their client acquisition strategies, resulting in a significant increase in their customer base and revenue."

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PENTA | ONX Penta demonstrates the full power of ONX's new features


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Around 16k (18 years old)

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I’m 18. I have been saving my extra cash for a couple months, and this is where it’s gotten.

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Cara is the GOAT.

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To use r/therwasanattempt for memes instead of war propaganda

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


I get it, I'm pretty sure we all get it, war is happening, no ones innocent, it's their conflict and I'm not taking sides. Nor do I care enough to be perfectly honest.

But this place used to be fun to browse, and now it's only propaganda, and it will probably devolve into a news channel at this point if the conflict ever goes away.


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Shitpost 💩 🧻 Y’all are ridiculous.


“Where can I find a scotch egg in Boston?”, “low flying objects over JP?”, “what are the laws surrounding me owning a taser?”, “What’s this blue light that’s obviously a spotlight in the sky?”, “There’s some fighter jets flying around the city, does anyone know why?”, “there’s a helicopter flying around seaport, what’s going on?” “I saw Elliot Davis!”

Jesus Christ, you shmucks. Can you learn to google something or think twice about how 10 other people have posted your post before coming to this sub and cluttering the already shit content with even more shit content?

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Society/Culture Fast food and retail aren’t hard jobs


Every last subreddit for a company, or post about a job on TikTok or elsewhere on the internet are always talking about how hard a retail or fast food job is and how everybody needs to be paid their worth.

But those jobs aren’t hard at all. It’s literally designed to be as simple as possible. Cash registers that calculate everything for you, sequences to make the same burger in 20 seconds, scooping shit into a bowl, making a drink, etc - it’s all mindless labor. You literally don’t have to think beyond the absolute basics of how to scan an item, put something on a shelf, or something just as simple.

There’s a reason it doesn’t pay well, because it’s easy work. You’re not using your brain, you’re not inventing anything, you’re just a production drone more or less. The hardest part is talking to people, and even that is easy.

Yet people want to talk about how it’s hard work because they have to ring something up or pour a drink. If that’s hard, you’re really not capable of much of anything.

And before you flame me to hell and back, yes I’ve worked a few different jobs in both retail and fast food while in high school and college.

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Current gaming community reaction to Kojima is truly baffling to me…


Almost universally on social media right now Im seeing a resentful level of disdain for Kojima and his work. Check out almost any thread around mainstream reddit discussing OD.

The gaming intelligentsia constantly complains about repetitious, formulaic games. Developers having no ambition but to extract every dime from players in the most predatory fashion.

The hivemind treats games as some all important, transcendent medium where technology aligns with art in an explosion of novelty(i wont argue with that). We the leople are obsessed with video games.

Now heres a man who treats gaming as a kind of high art pursuit. He speaks with the vision of an auteur. And most importantly he delivers!

His games are generally beloved and respected as unique, artful and fun.

Why are people so loathed to see him in the role of pitching vision? And why are people so cynical and pessimistic about his project? He has delivered in the past.

Why wouldnt the gaming community embrace someone like this - someone treating their craft with a spiritual reverence?

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Solid Tier List?

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A ranking of all the Stephen King books I’ve read. The order matters. Also it’s purely subjective.

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Possibly Popular The biggest reason obesity is such a problem is because healthy food is unaffordable.


I just got back from grocery shopping and although i have really been trying to eat healthier the fact is that I just can’t afford to. Everything from fresh ingredients to precooked meals marketed as “healthy” is just too expensive. Im living off of precooked meals, instant ramen, and huge bags of chicken or pork I can get for a good price.

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People are lazy, more then ever.


Everyone wants to push the easy button these days and this generally coincides with avoidance of other individuals. Food delivery, text messages, etc.

People continue to press the easy button and it is slowly killing them and society. We truly are heading to a civilization similar to what is pictured in the movie Wall-e.

Do yourself a favor, go out of your way. Walk further, shake a humans hand, have a conversation, go out and enjoy nature and the wonders that the world and other humans have to offer.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Really 🤦

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Queen Is One Of The Most Overrated Bands Of All Time.


Hear me out, as much as I love Queen, they're not even a top 5 band in my book. They are much more known for their individual singles rather than their albums, which is why their best-selling album is a compilation album. That's because their regular albums are filled with mediocre songs, alongside the great singles. Some of their peers in the 70s, like ELO and Fleetwood Mac, who are less popular, have stronger albums and overall discographies than Queen.

All in all, I think Queen might be better known for their great singles and live performances than for their overall studio output and discography, which is why I don't consider them as great as their fans think.

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s0upes | ONX Loui Smokes Sullivan Stone.


r/facepalm 18h ago

🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ IDF the supposed “most moral army in the world” setting civilian food trucks on fire while they’re on the brink of famine and starvation🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ biggest face palm in the history of face palm🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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Justin Fields is better than Most NFL QBs, and Coaching is Holding Him Back


Helloooo again fellow meatballs,

Thank you for all of your comments on my work comparing Justin to the two people this sub compares him to the most, Mitch and Caleb. The reason for the Mitch post wasn’t to prove Justin is better than a backup, it was to show he is much better than this sub, and a lot of Bears fans, often give him credit for. Some of the more common responses I’ve received on my last two posts have been criticisms of Justin Fields’ passing numbers and his winning percentage. Both are, in part, a function of how he is being coached and the gameplans that this staff are putting together.

The most common criticism of my last post, was of the exclusion of screens and the first four games of the season when analyzing Fields play. The thinking behind those exclusions, I think, are sound. It’s an attempt to remove deficiencies in gameplan and coaching that have hurt JF1 throughout the year. That said, I don’t know why anyone would exclude stats from the fourth game of the year. That was against the Broncos, and was one of Fields best games, and one of our best gameplans for him, ever. I would think that including that fourth game, and thus expanding the sample size, would only enhance Fields numbers. Additionally, I think it’s fair to exclude screens because when the Chicago staff decides to go for a heavy screen based horizontal passing attack, it hurts us for three reasons.

1.) It’s not playing to Justin’s strengths. If anything, it is playing to Justin’s weaknesses. He has a long motion, which allows defenses to react to his throws faster than they do with other players. It also involves getting the ball out quick, which Justin does not always do very well (he has been improving). But this kind of gameplan shows the coaches don’t know how to bring out the best in their players based on their abilities. It’s like asking Michael Jordan to forget about Mid-Range jump shots and drives to the hoop—the two things he did better than anyone—and just stay behind the three point line.

2.) It’s an incredibly low floor and low ceiling play with a lot of risk. You’re passing it horizontally across the field 10-15 yards, sometimes with defenders in the way, with the reception occurring behind the line of scrimmage. There’s no downfield element to it, and the play can only go to one player, removing the element of choice from the QB. Everything has to go right for the play to really work, and there’s only one route to success.

3.) When we do it, it gets repetitive, and therefore very easy for defenses, even when we have an advantageous situation in terms of blockers, to read those plays when we call them 15-20 times a game. The defenders and defensive coaches on the other side of the ball are all smart and talented enough to make it to the NFL, and are smart and talented enough to read the same playcall if they’ve seen it over and over again in a single three hour stretch. We do that with multiple different play types, but the most common play that fits the bill for us there is the screen pass. In certain games, we go to it way too often, even when it’s obviously not working.

But maybe we shouldn’t be looking at stats at all. Football is weird when it comes to stats. It’s not like basketball or baseball, which are more individualistic. Players outputs are heavily impacted by scheme and other personnel. It’s not a coincidence that the teams with the heaviest passing offenses usually have QBs with great statistical output. To truly understand how good a player is or isn’t, though, you have to go into the film.

On film, Justin is a special player. The comparison I hear most often is Lamar Jackson. And when it comes to running the ball and making off script plays, I agree. But throwing the ball from the pocket, Jackson’s release is fluid, short, and quick. It’s almost like a flick. Using that motion, Jackson excels much more in the short passing game than through downfield throws. As a thrower, Jackson is a poor comparison unless Justin is on the move, where they look remarkably similar. From the pocket, of all the QBs I’ve watched, the player Justin reminds me of the most is Big Ben Roethlisberger. He’s big, strong, has a long motion, and gets a lot of force into his throws as a result. He’s accurate deep, and wants to hold onto plays for as long as he can to make a big connection, often taking big sacks while looking for the big throw to develop. When he does make those connections, it is game changing.

Here's a Steelers-Ravens game from 2021 where you can see what I’m talking about, Jackson on one side, looking like Justin while running and escaping the pocket, and Ben on the other, holding on, looking deep, throwing the ball with a lot of force when he does release it, and making big plays when he hits.


Compare that to the most recent Detroit game.


While not a carbon copy of either player, you see elements of both players in how Justin plays. It’s a unique skillset—it’s very rare for a player to have either one of these sets of skills or the other. Justin has both. And yet, we often go for a short, horizontal passing attack that removes those elements from our offense.

I’m not a professional or an expert. I only know enough to know what I’m looking at. But my opinions are informed by experts. To me, the best film analyst in the game right now is JT O’Sullivan. He breaks down almost every Bears game in great detail on his Patreon.

Here are a few quotes from O’Sullivan after what felt like yet another blown up red zone screen from the Bears-Vikings game. Keep in mind this dude watches and analyzes every QB and offense in the NFL through the All-22, play-by-play:

“Man this is some…this is some rough stuff dog. I can’t think of another offense in the league that brings this level of frustration with what they’re doing and being asked to do…I would be surprised if anyone who has anything to do with the coaching of this team is back next year.”

Now, he’s only watching the offense. And the defense has improved a lot. They still need to beat a good QB to truly prove it, but I think Eberflus is clearly a good DC when he has the talent. The question I have about him is how much he is influencing the offensive side of the ball. If he is responsible for the conservative nature of our offense, in spite of the defensive improvements, I think he has to go too. If we keep winning, and the defense keeps playing well, I’d be open to him staying if he hands the entire offensive operation over to a guy who has successfully run offenses in the NFL (I’m looking at you Ben Johnson and Greg Roman).

More from JT:

“Do we have a fake perimeter screen in the gameplan?” They would not

“No offense in the NFL calls for this kind of stuff to be called.”

Conversely, here’s a quote from when they actually call plays to Justin’s strengths, like moving the pocket, throwing deep, or running Justin in critical situations:

“This is the stuff you hope the whole offense would be. The fact that they sprinkle this shit like that in, on 3rd & 5…I mean that should be the whole offense….[We should be calling this on 1st and 10.]”

Later, here are his thoughts on the end of game decision-making from the Bears brass.

“I just think the playcalling shriveled up here, the execution shriveled up here, right at the end.”

And finally, his thoughts on the last play of the game, a game-winning completion deep over the middle to DJ Moore:

“I don’t know how you could look at this and say, now, why don’t we do more of this?”

The whole thing is a fantastic watch, and, I think, is a good distillation of how our gameplan, coaching, and offensive talent is impacting the play of the QB. I don’t agree with him on everything (especially Kmet, which I understand is partially a bit), but he is mostly pretty objective. He hits Justin hard for his mistakes too. The usual stuff shows up. Sacks. Turndowns. And the big one, fumbles. You can watch the whole thing here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/justin-fields-12-93788114

He's breaking down every play on the offensive side of the ball, run and pass. If you really want to understand what’s going on with the Bears offense, these are critical, must watch videos. The issues that he points to in the Bears-Vikings game have been present throughout the Eberflus/Getsy tenure in Chicago. More often than not, the coaches don’t know how to design an offense for Justin, get conservative late in games and in critical situations, and generally try to take the ball out of his hands when we need to be running plays through him the most. Most egregiously, they ignore what makes Justin special—his ability to create plays with his legs and his ability to drive the ball downfield. As a result, he looks inconsistent, by turns flashing and then disappearing.

On the whole, with a few exceptions, the staff has greatly limited Justin’s ability to show us how special a player he truly is.

What I’m looking for most of all the rest of the year is for the coaching staff, not the QB, to break some of THEIR bad habits, win some games, and utilize Fields abilities properly. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be here next year. But Justin has already done enough to prove he should be.

So how do I convince you guys? Probably I can’t for most of you. I get it. Losing sucks. It’s a visceral experience, and Justin is the most visible person on a losing team we all care about. He’s easy to blame. But it’s not him. I briefly considered running a statistical analysis of Fields vs similar QBs in other offenses based on their usage in those offenses, but then realized I would again be accused of cherry picking. I think the only way to really do it is to look at the film—namely the key games that we lost individually—especially the games we lost that we had a chance to win. Of the 22 full games Justin’s played over the last two years, we’ve lost 17 of them. Of those 17, we’ve had an opportunity to win 10 in the fourth quarter.

They are: 2022 Week 4: Giants vs. Bears 2022 Week 5: Vikings vs. Bears 2022 Week 9: Dolphins vs. Bears 2022 Week 10: Lions vs. Bears 2022 Week 11: Falcons vs. Bears 2022 Week 13: Packers vs. Bears 2022 Week 15: Eagles vs. Bears 2023 Week 2: Buccanneers vs. Bears 2023 Week 4: Broncos vs. Bears 2023 Week 11: Lions vs. Bears

To isolate Justin vs. coaching and team in terms of W-L record, we need to go into every game we had an opportunity to win and examine the gameplan, the playcalling, the in-game decisions from the staff, and, of course, the play, good and bad, of Justin Fields.

I understand that a lot of people here have not appreciated my analysis to date. So, here’s what I’m proposing. I’ll submit a couple game breakdowns a week for the rest of the year. If any more one score losses crop up over the next 5 games, we will add them to the list. I’ll finish by the last game of the season.

By the end of the year, if the majority are not convinced that Justin should get another shot next year, irrespective of what we do at HC, I will accept a ban from the sub. If the majority are convinced, I stay. I don’t post a ton on Reddit, so I don’t know how we would do that. I’m guessing a poll? Let me know. On Monday, I’ll be submitting game 1, Bears-Giants, for your review. Looking forward to the comments boys.

In the meantime, while watching today's’s game, pay attention to what the coaching staff does in late game moments, on third downs, and in the red zone, watch and see if the staff runs it up the gut with a back, calls a perimeter screen with only one read, or let’s Justin make a play. You guys know what I’m hoping for.

Bear down.

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PENTA | ONX Return of the Mike


r/RPClipsGTA 17h ago

PENTA | ONX Convincing Fingle to be a cop again was a hard task


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How many feel like this?

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