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Men, what are the feminine things/traits you love about women/girls?


Parfum, nice smelling hair, soft skin, makeup, femininity in general, soft spoken, nice, kind?

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What’s one thing that sobered you up real quick?


So, tell me one that that sobered you up really quickly, like you are drunk or high out of your mind but then something happened and you were all of a sudden alert and fine

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People who are nice, what made you crack?


Being nice your whole life and dealing with people shit until something made you crack

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why do people rush to be in relationships w/ people they barely know?


like, why? rushing to be in a relationship w/ someone you've known for, like, less than 2 weeks and only getting to know them once you've established the relationship. like, what's up with that? 😭

shouldn't you atleast try to become friends or be in a talking stage with them, get to know them, and THEN you establish your r.s? then they complain that they aren't close w/ their significant other or that they barely know anything about them, like, you brought this upon urself.

idk, or maybe it's js me. 🫡

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What did teenagers in the 90s do in their free time?


Nowadays, the world is getting dangerous and we're incredibly attached to our stupid devices and I've lost sight of what it's like to be a teenager. I wonder what life was like when its actually been LIVED. What did you do all day? What did you do when you were inside or grounded? Was it really like the movies?

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Why are 18 year olds old enough to die in war but not old enough to drink or smoke in the U.S?


Seriously, why?

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People born in the 80’s & 90’s what do you wish your kids were doing instead of being glued to screens?


How do parents feel about kids today spending a lot of time on electronic devices compared to when we used to play outside and hang out with friends in person?

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What irrational phobias do you have?


Mine are the popcorn still popping when you take it out of the microwave and open the bag and certain graphical glitches

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What's a cool and useful hobby I can start rn?


Currently I do bjj, lift weights, cook, run and hike

I got enough free time for the near future to add something new, so looking for cool suggestions :)

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People who didn't finish university! How's your life going ?


Do you think you would be better off with a degree?

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What do you desire to do when you retire?


Most people work their entire life to prepare for retirement. So let’s discuss what matters.

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When did you realize you were in love with your partner?


What was a moment when you realized you loved your partner?

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Why is it assumed that book smart people can't be street smart?


When people think of book smart people, they think of sheltered kids who only study

It's just that they don't have exposure to the street life because they never needed to

But can't they adapt to the street life if they needed to? Their book smarts point to them having a high iq, so why can't they gain street smarts? Sure it'll take time, but they can learn it through experience and then start strategizing themselves

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Do you think this girl was cheating on her bf?


I work with this girl and we are on friendly terms. She flirts with me from time to time but has a bf. Sometimes shes physically flirty and it seems like she hates to see other girls around me. Once I was chit chatting with a girl about a project we are doing. She approached us and got super close to me. Then literally pressed up on me hard with her upper body. I got nervous and moved my shoulder but she pressed in harder. Felt like she was laying on me. What happened?

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Should you really never talk to the police when getting interrogated?


So I heard from my parents and everyone in every documentary or movie that you just should never talk to the police when you get interrogated because of something you are involved in. But is that really so? Or is staying silent or getting a lawyer directly not suspicious? And if you are 100% innocent?

Edit: I am only interested in the topic. NOT INVOLVED IN ANY CRIME!

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What book would you bring with you to jury duty?


...to pass the time?

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Who do you want to be president in 2024?


In 2024 who do you want president and why

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How do you feel about PDA?



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What do men like in gifts?



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How do people do it?


How do people maintain 2 full time jobs, a house, personal health and relationships. I feel like I'm failing in almost every aspect.

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Could you tell me something positive about your day?



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Is there a reason the US hasn’t gotten rid of daylight savings?


It’s so ridiculous every year everyone is miserable. Myself included if you couldn’t tell, I hate this

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What are you getting your family for Christmas this year?


Just want to see what other people get their families for Christmas

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What’s the most morbid thing you’ve witnessed that you feel like sharing?