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Meta A note about "Comprehensive Review Posts"


Hey gang,

After a lot of feedback from the community, we have decided to ban comprehensive review posts from the subreddit. Before you get the pitchforks out, hear us out as to the why.

First, let's define a comprehensive review post. It's a post in which the author lays out everything they like and dislike about the game in a manner similar to a media outlet giving a review.

Okay, so what's so bad about that? Well, there are a few things. For starters, these posts have been flooding the subreddit and not really doing anything to advance discussion of the game. They're not very actionable for the devs to make changes. And they just get people fighting over the same shit every day.

But you're censoring our dissent! No, we're not. We're focusing it. You have a gripe with a particular system in the game? Make a post about that system. Break down what you like and dislike about shipbuilding or NPC interactions or inventory management or power acquisition. THAT post will drive actionable feedback that the devs can use.

If you still want to pretend you're Paul Tassi and write a 500 word magnum opus on the 10 things you wish you'd known before playing Bethesda's latest game, we recommend starting a blog OR you can just leave it in the comments.

Kind regards,

The /r/Starfield Mod Team

r/Starfield 8h ago

Speculation Bathesda really needs to push a serious update to this game.


I'm one of the people who really loved starfield all this time despite all the negative push but, GOD ! Since forever have I been waiting for something new to do now. At least a few new ship parts or new stock outposts or any new characters or something else to do. I saw a beta announcement yesterday and I was like 'finally something !' and then I opened it and there was single line update to 'unstick' objects form the ship. I mean the game has been out for more than 3 months now. There is a limit to how long people can keep themselves occupied with something. Is Bathesda trying to bring itself down by purposefully making the game unplayable, even for the people who supported it until now ? come on Bathesda ! there is more than enough time, bring up something new already, this is really getting more boring than watching paint dry. I have opened up the game 5 times in the last 2 weeks just to jump around a few times and close it down again because I have done everything I could possible do in the game with no new objects or items to try out.

r/Starfield 7h ago

Screenshot For those struggling to find a lake, here's a whole lake district


r/Starfield 7h ago

Discussion Is it just me or is it weird that you can't sell unregistered ships to the Crimson Fleet?


I understand it would break the game. If the Fleet bought unregistered ships then no one would ever side with the UC, or just not finish the quest line at all to keep the perk around. But the idea that pirates won't buy stolen ships just doesn't sit right with me.

r/Starfield 9h ago

Discussion Bethesda need to find a better way to deal with “essential” NPCs


It is seriously the most annoying, immersion breaking part of the game when you try to kill someone and they just go down on one knee. Starfield has magnitudes more essential NPCs than any other Bethesda game, and it’s just another thing that adds to its mediocrity

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Video Is there anything worse than a relatively high level legendary enemy dropping a rescue axe as loot?

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r/Starfield 14h ago

Screenshot I have a rendezvous with destiny.

Post image

r/Starfield 8h ago

Discussion Name something that Starfield does good or better than previous games


While there is a lot of valid criticism around Starfield, it quickly turned into the internet just hating on the game any chance people get at this point.

But there are also lots of good things about Starfield. Let's lost some of them and see how many we can find :)

I'll start:

  • Interiors not only look gorgeous but are also stuffed with clutter. Older Bethesda games and many other open world games have a lot of dungeons but they are mostly half naked and never really feel lived in.
  • The shipbuilder grants hours and hours of fun. Also, spaceships in a Creation Engine game? WTF?
  • The spacesuits are super well designed. I love my Constellation space suit and cannot wait to create some mashups onces the CK and OS for Starfield are a thing.
  • I love the idea behind the Kore Kinetics weapons. They look and feel super unique. Starfield also has some greatly improved weapon animations compared to older Bethesda titles. Maybe mods can fix the design flaws some weapons still have.
  • A lot of improvements also went into the movement system and animations. We can boost, we can slide, we can vault and we can even climb some ladders. Yeah it's slow but I guess characters dont yet fully trust ladders in a Bethesda game :D
  • Third person animations are also greatly improved. Even more on NPCs. I really hope modders can give us some of the NPC animations at some point. Did you see them go into cover, vault over obstacles and even perform combat rolls?
  • Dialogues are also a lot better than in FO4. The systems are not used to their full potential yet but I can see a lot more possibilities for modders here.
  • Skills make a real impact on your gameplay and its not all about the Charisma skill lmao. When I started every ship fight was over before it even really started because enemy ships were so strong. I skilled a bit into ship stuff and now I am a real threat in space. But I am also really weak on foot because I didnt not spend many points into those skills yet - levelling takes time and you really have to think where to spend your points.
  • Not everyone is a fan of the loot system but I like it. Fallout 4 quickly showered you in loot which made looting in general less fun. If I find a god roll in Starfield you can be sure I worked hard for it.
  • Some (sadly not enough) really great quests in this game. I was completely cuaght of guard by what happened in the Entangled quest. And I choked up when I listened to the tapes on the Legacy ship.
  • zero g combat while very much underused is a lot of fun. Although I wished it was even more zero g in that you wouldn't have a feeling of top, down, left and right when in zero g. Still fun.

Alright I listed a lot of stuff already, hopefully I left some things for you guys to mention haha. What do you like about the game? Name a few things :)

r/Starfield 8h ago

Art Starfield Tribute: The Mantis

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This is for all my Mantis fans out there. I love this game and continue to fall in love with it the more I play. Thanks for watching. Glad I could share!

r/Starfield 8h ago

Screenshot This is peak story writing

Post image

I’m on my second playthrough because my first 200+ hr save decided to Jettison itself into space and disappear, but this still made me laugh again.

r/Starfield 9h ago

Screenshot Just discovered this cute Easter egg on a building on Londinion. Wilbys trying to rescue their friend trapped in ice

Post image

r/Starfield 9h ago

Discussion It feels a bit like there's less true passion in this game than other Bethesda games

Post image

Its a truly beautiful game, with tons of places to explore. I love that they worked with Nasa on a lot of it. Yet, I know Im not alone when I say it's lacking something.

A bit of soul, a bit of passion. Its very technical, but the joy of Discovery (which is supposed to be the point of the game) feels a lot less impactful than other games that Bethesda has made.

For example, in skyrim you could go into the furthest bowels of a mountain and run into a small Easter Egg or mini story. Some skeleton with an axe through its head, or a random encounter with vampires. Or in Oblivion, you could find a legendary helmet by diving off of the coast of a tiny islet. In any Fallout game there's some skeletons arranged silly or the teddy bears!!! Those little Easter eggs are like signatures from the developers. Theyre saying, "I'm having fun, and I hope you are too!"

Yet Starfield... lacks those tiny amusements. Lacks the thrill you get when you randomly stumble onto a lost treasure or non marked area with a story. When you find an Easter Egg and think "oooh! I know where this is from!" Then have a laugh or show a buddy. The closest thing to that I've found is the Adoring Fan, but hes still pretty shallow for someone you literally see every day on your ship. (If you have the perk)

I guess these are the drawbacks of studio stressing the release dates. It already took a lot of time to get this one out, but could you IMAGINE how amazing this game would have been if the creators were just left to create on their own time? I would have waited YEARS just to see it the way they truly imagined it to be.

r/Starfield 1d ago

Discussion Why did this game abandon all BGS rpg mechanics?


First off just want to say I’m disappointed. ES and FO have been my favorite series for over 2 decades. This game isn’t awful, but it’s just not the same standard as their other titles and it’s for some reason missing out on so many basic foundational mechanics that BGS has always included.

Ever since oblivion, BGS games have had their NPCs on a schedule. They felt alive, their shops opened, they went to sleep, and some even had unique situations at night. I (like basically everyone) always like doing the generic assassin/thief melee/sniper run... that whole side of the game is basically removed with every npc being insomniac robots.

SPECIAL/attributes, this has been a core feature in essentially every RPG since it affects how you approach every scenario. I can’t really think of any RPG without that. What exactly is unique about the character in this game? Your background? All that does is give you two talent points to start and some secondary dialogue options that don’t really change the outcome anyways.. you essentially get every single talent minus a few that are basically unnecessary. The only decision you make is early on, then you just rack it all up.

There was always at least 9-10+ major cities/towns with a slew of quests, unique interactions, and life. Decisions had more weight, several of their titles had major factions that changed how things went. This one just seems so linear, and your decisions are pointless.

I always found myself taking forever to complete the main story in all of their games cause I would find myself getting distracted so many times with new adventures on my way to a waypoint. In this if I have a waypoint on a planet, you just land, then run out there.. then since there’s nothing else close, that’s basically it. Unless you want to run for 10 min to a procedural location.

It makes no sense to why there are 4 “major” cities in this game and that they are very far apart and there’s nothing in between. Logistically that makes no sense and is not sustainable. I can understand the bad guys, or some random civilizations breaking off.. but that just doesn’t exist here. You don’t bump into bustling little towns.

Now the game isn’t a flop imo, it has its moments. But this is nothing compared to its predecessors. It took me 100s of hours to put down the other titles. Now I don’t know what can be done to fix this.. unfortunately the foundation of this game just doesn’t have so many important components and is lacking the dense life that made the other games so magical and memorable. Maybe they will figure a way to implement more towns/cities, and more casually interactions and realism within them, but it seems to me like this vast world they’ve laid down may just be to large to fully appreciate.

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Video I was today years old when I found out I could use ship thrusters to drift during space combat

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r/Starfield 4h ago

Screenshot Crimson Fleet sense of humor

Post image

r/Starfield 5h ago

Screenshot The way my ship has landed in this narrow space makes it look like I crashed

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r/Starfield 8h ago

Character Builds Note to self: Don't use anti-grav in the lodge.

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Castillo is always up for a good tussle.

r/Starfield 5h ago

Fan Content Killing Spacers is getting Sara in her groove

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r/Starfield 8h ago

Video World record speed run, Three Legendary Battleships in under three minutes.

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If you can find a faster kill, comment the link. Possibly world records. Very hard difficulty on NG+5.

r/Starfield 5h ago

Screenshot Apple Macintosh found in the wild

Post image

r/Starfield 1h ago

Question Lung Damage from Chlorine while wearing EV suit?


I don't understand how my character got lung damage from a chlorine vent while wearing an EV suit (on a vacuum planet). Is there something I should do differently?

r/Starfield 2h ago

Video Dead Pirate? Creepy Glitch.

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A lot of this going on… even after that recent patch. Creepy.

r/Starfield 19h ago

Screenshot This VA’Ruun rifle, She one shots level 59’s

Post image

I’m just walking around one shooting everything with this. Talk about over powered. I haven’t even unlocked the particle beam perk yet. That’s my next perk when I level up. This gun trumps the beowolf.

r/Starfield 1d ago

Screenshot I’ll be sad to lose this pistol eventually

Post image

Found this in Vladimir’s house early, and it’s the only weapon I need, I use the others sometimes just so they don’t feel unwanted or less than, but this magshot feels too good!

r/Starfield 1h ago

Screenshot My new fav findable mag. A shame we can’t open them up and read them.

Post image

I’ve found about 30 altogether (with various titles). Does anyone know how many there are?

r/Starfield 1d ago

Video Kind of a zen moment when everything aligned

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