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typical mod garbage BLAST FROM THE FUCKING PAST! YES/NO/DAE Questions are not allowed!



We're not going to degenerate to return to calling people shitlords, but holy fuck people - can we read the fucking rules?

The number of Yes/No/DAE questions we've had to clean up over this weekend has been fucking outrageous. Don't get me started over the amount of salt we've had to deal with when we tell people "no, it's a Yes/No question."

Go ask your yes/no shitposts on AskReddit - they don't have fucking standards there. Stop being dumbfucks and get your shit together.

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typical mod garbage The /r/AskMen 2023 survey results!


If you missed it, sometime in August we had a demographic survey pinned for everyone to fill out. We waited a couple weeks and closed it once 1,525 of you responded to the survey. After doing nothing with it for a few months, we finally got around to putting the results together.

This is the 2nd survey this subreddit has done, here is a link to the 2016 survey results.

Here is a link to the 2023 survey results.

TLDR 2023 vs 2016:

  • Still roughly 85% Male
  • Median age is 28 vs 23.5
  • 52% are single vs 55%
  • 51% in the US vs 59%
  • 70% not in school vs 47%
  • 61% have an Associates degree or higher vs 41%
  • 18% mooch off family
  • 44% earn more than 50k per year vs 23%

All together the average r/AskMen user is older, more educated, has a job, not as broke, but still alone.

The survey results document goes into a bit more detail than the TLDR, and don't worry if you can't read because we displayed it all in colorful bar charts.

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Why are guy friendships less maintenance?


Idk if it’s true for everyone but my guy friends usually don’t mind if we don’t talk to each other for a while, I hit ‘em up as if we didn’t talk for a week and we’ll be back at it laughing until you feel the abs coming in.

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How do I explain this is not how you clean a kitchen without being patronizing??


He will dump all the dirty dishes into the sink with a bunch of crumbs on them and act like that's cleaning the kitchen?

I would literally rather he just left the mess alone for me to clean if he's gonna just create an even bigger mess for me to clean and do it half assed. How do I explain this without sounding like his mum?

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What ethnicity are you physically attracted to? Is it your own?


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What else can I do for my husband to want me more?


Some background, married 10 years & have kids. I'm high libido female, but I don't force it onto him. I masturbate 2-4 times daily for relief and that largely works but I crave human touch. I have to ask for hugs, touch doesn't occur spontaneously, I'll be lucky if I get his full attention. I feel so empty but he a good man, a heart of gold. How can i make him realise I want more despite telling him all the time?

**EDIT : I have initiated 100% of the time over the last 3 or 4 years.

**EDIT 2: We're actually great friends, we laugh and tease one another everyday. It's just initiation that's the issue

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What's your current strategy to fight the high Cost of Living?


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What are your opinion on assertive women?


I mean assertive like no nonsense, blunt, not afraid to say what they want, type of women? Not mean women. That's different

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Men who have been in (very) long term relationships, what broke the camel's back?


It'll be 9 years for me soon and I'm watching my relationship fall apart a little more each day and I'm not sure how I got here. I don't need advice, I'm just curious to hear what made you go "right, f this, I'm out" despite still having feelings.

Edit: thanks y'all for sharing your stories. I wish I could give y'all a hug, or at least a fist bump. I see a lot of you saying that you've been much happier since having moved on. That brings me comfort. Here's to hoping that we can all learn from this experience and find a renewed sense of peace and happiness 🍻.

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Why are dads harder on their sons?


I’m a daughter and I kinda feel bad for my brother because my dad hardly cares about my brother and doesn’t wanna pay for my brothers things. In contrast to me with my dad treating me like a princess, never wanting me to touch a single dirty dish, and weekly mall allowances.

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Men on datingapps; what’s your age range on?


To the men on datingapps, between the ages of 30-40 years old and looking/hoping for a serious relationship and would like children some day; What have you put your age range to?

Bonus for answers to ‘why’ on the max age.

Last time I (F31) was on tinder, I was in my mid/late 20’s and honestly got many matches with no problem and many would write, ask me out. Now still good amount of matches but no one text me! And I am objectively an attractive woman, in good shape with a good job. I am wondering if it’s my age. I mean, come on, I am still young!!

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Fathers, How would you react if you found out your daughter cheated on her husband, fiancé, long-term boyfriend etc. ?


I imagine it would depend on how you found out. If she told you directly or you had to hear from her mother, your wife, a family member etc.

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Men who never spoke to girls in your younger years, why and how did you change that?


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Men who have been in very long relationships, what has stopped you for breaking the camel's back?


There was a previous post on this sub a few hours back where people were discussing their long term relationships and what was it that ended it. My best wishes to all of these fellas and I hope they're living their best lives.

I just wanted to know from those men who reached that stage in their long-term relationship where they thought that "this is it", but then something stopped them. And they are now happy about it. Guys, what was it that stopped you? It could be anything: a thought, an action, some other considerations.

I am hoping that these answers would give hope to people who are at that stage themselves and want to take a call.

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Which apps do you find beneficial for your life?


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Is breadcrumbing a real thing? What are your thoughts? How to distinguish It?



I have a friend who is always around when something happens but disappears where his life is going on well but when he's out, he doesnt meet me but he might text me with some stupid shit or ask about something or share some vid.

What makes me really angry is that when he's down, I'm always helping asking how he is, what he needs... But he never asks me how I am, ever. He barely even start with hello, how are you. He just cuts to the chase.

Is this breadcrumbing or a friendship between guys (which I am not)?

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Married men of Reddit…how have your marriage vows been tested?


(I posted in an reddit women forum and the stories were touching. Some were devastating. I’m curious about another point of view).

I was listening to a song the other day and there are these lines that always capture me….

..Your love is devoted, like a ring of solid gold, like a vow that’s been tested, like a covenant of old..

[Song: Ever Be by Kalley Hailigenthal]

I’m not married and I want to be. But one thing I’ve been noticing is the not so bright side of marriage, like walking through tough life stuff or seeing your partner in pain. Things I’ve not had to endure. Also, I tend to romanticize marriage so I’m curious to know from those who are married, how have your marriage vows been tested? and What fortified your marriage/bond to help you endure and come through it?

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What’s your definition of a good relationship?


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Those of you who use AI in your daily lives, what uses have you found?


I’m curious how an average joe like me can apply its uses in my day to day life. And what service do you recommend?

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As a male in a predominantly female profession, what problems have you faced?


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Men of reddit. What does it saying to you about a girl who had a bad ex with long relationship?


What do you think about a girl who had a heavy drug addicted bf in her past? Would you date her, if you know, she’s attracted to that person who is a totally opposite type of you? I’m just curious about your thoughts. Or if you have that girl now, how does it going your relationship now?

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What is it like to have a beautiful wife?


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How many of you guys actually have meaningful hobbies you do after work everyday?


Whenever I see people talk about how they get no/limited satisfaction from their careers or that they are struggling to find meaning in their life, I always see the response:

"learn to work to live, and develop meaningful hobbies" (or some variation of that),

and that sounds great and all, but I feel like I've literally never met anybody who is actually able to live like that, ie, have a soul-crushing job, but is still able to live a great and fulfilled life by aggressively pursuing their hobbies.

This also mainly applies to single dudes, because the only real exceptions I can think of are raising children or maintaining a relationship with a significant other, but calling those hobbies feels... off. I mean hobbies in the traditional sense here.